Cohado Guidance Systems

The philosophy underlying Cohado has many applications beyond Cohado the game. For more than 25 years Cohado inventor, Paulo Gregory, has been supporting individuals, teams, businesses, and families in applying the principles of Cohado to engage powerful change in their lives, workplaces and communities. In addition to the numeric values of each of the 7 symbols of Cohado, there are values that help to frame and align the way we approach challenges and opportunities to deepen understanding and create movement in every aspect of our lives, work, and communities.

Cohado Guidance Systems provides the tools, and a system of support to individuals, teams, organizations, commuities and families to initiate change that maximizes assets, and minimizes waste.

The following reveals the structure of the Levels of the Cohado Guidance System.

Cohado Levels Basic

Level Zero of Cohado is the energy, or motivating force of our values, and our vision that supports any form of development.

Level One is the unique viewpoint each individual uses to understand and define what is around us.

Level Two is how we relate to each other, and how we learn through those relationships.

Level Three is the seed or womb of creativity and insight that supports the growth of an idea or new and innovative ways of approaching challenges or opportunities.

Level Four is the flexible structure or form through which we build  these ideas or solutions. Cohadic structures are not containers that limit, but networks, like the branches of a tree, or a network of relationships like the internet, that support the movement of ideas and actions.

Level Five, like our hands with our five fingers, is about manifesting that which we have designed or conceptualized through the other layers. It is the doing, or implementation of our plans.

Level Six is the web-like structure of the community in which we live and grow these ideas, in a mutually supportive set of relationships and actions that serves all within, and does not sacrifice any aspect of the whole for individual gain, but grows the whole for the benefit of all.

Level Seven is both the culmination – the results – of our work, and it is the process of reflection on our accomplishments, and the re-visioning process that begins the next phase of development, and thus returns us to the Zero, completing the cycle of development from a new point departure.


If you are looking to create a quantum leap of performance as an individual, a family, a team, business, organization or community, the Cohado Guidance Team can help you to move through the change process. Contact us at COHADO CONNECT and let us know how we can support your development.

Communication Design and Media Development

Product Design & Development

Individual Life Design Guidance  (Commonly referred to as “coaching”)

Personal Life Design Workshops

Team Design and Development Consultation

Business Strategic Design Consulting

Educational & Instructional Design

Community Design & Development Support