ABOVE ZERO with Paulo Gregory At regen•era RISING

Season Finale, the 6\6, Conjuring Community

This Final Episode of Season One of ABOVE ZERO with Paulo Gregory is a deep and moving reflection on the pain and power of Blackness in creating the regenerative world we all long for.

Mark Carter is an activist and educator. He has worked with children the most oppressed communities of Baltimore, which are amongst the most impacted in the country. He devotes every day of his life to brining truth and light to his people.

Rev. Alvin Toussaint Herring is currently the Executive Director of Faith in Action, the nations largest faith-based community organizing network. He recently was the Director of Racial Equity and Community Engagement at the Kellogg Foundation, and Alvin has also been on the ground during the most brutal times in the last decade from supporting the resistance to the senseless murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, to the uprising in Baltimore. Alvin is also an extraordinary poet and a facilitator of training in intercultural evolution.




The March 22nd Special regenera RISING broadcast, 0\3, explored the Spirit of Creativity with Vanessa Lopez, an extraordinary creative, advocate for truth and equity, educator. Vanessa describes herself as:
Brave. Washington Heights. Sometimes artist. Always teacher. Latina. Angry af. Maryland Institute College of Art. 90s R&B. Mother. Bad and boujee. Dominican Republic. Published. Sexy. Rough around the edges. Connected. Tatted. Compassionate. Organic Intellectual. Four minute planker. Ride-or-die b*tch. Wounded Healer. Role Model. Value-added. Sometimes a rebel. Always a lady.
The three is the womb, the birthplace, the original opening. If the two is the line, the three opens the space where life, innovation, creativity, inspiration, and possibility begin. The three is the connective tissue that connects all things. It is the threads of the fabric of life. The three in the upper position harkens the new. It is the awakening, the emergence, and the blooming of the possibilities that before, were just dreams. It is literally, the beginning of life. The three, in the upper position, is the beginning, here on earth. It is imagination – revealed.

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