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Cohado is both a principle and a platform embodying the Zulu assumption, UBUNTU, that we are responsible for each other's well being. In essence this is founded on the understand of Earth as a singular being, and that we are components of this entity like cells in a body, not individuals disconnected from each other or the Earth herself. Cohado is a simplified operating system - a cultural ruleset that underlies functioning as a regenerative and sustainable ecosystem. In contrast to the current, pervasive operating system that parallels the old game of dominoes in which you play against others and win relative to their losing, Cohado invites us to play as co-ponents, working collaboratively to create as many assets for the collective whole as is possible, and to eliminate waste through ensuring that nothing, or no one is left hanging.

The Cohadic works, offered within regen•era RISING, explore two critical elements of the future elevated city, or world, being called into being through this powerful and compelling event series. The first is Truth. Although, as Bucky states, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality". As we are reminded by "Sankofa", the Ghanaian Akan tribe's mythic bird, it looks backward as it moves forward. Any real transformation must also be anchored in the truth of the history that brought us to this moment. The second is an embodied experience of the future reality we are moving toward. Cohado is aimed at providing a view of our history and current state, and the future state we are conjuring into being.

Schedule of COHADO regen•era RISING Events

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The Cohado Virtual Experience

Tuesday March 23rd 

9:00 AM Pacific Time [12:00 Noon Eastern Time]

The Cohado Virtual Experience

Wednesday March 24th

9:00 AM Pacific Time [12:00 Noon Eastern Time]

The Cohado Virtual Experience

Thursday March 25th

9:00 AM Pacific Time [12:00 Noon Eastern Time]


ABOVE ZERO Season 1 Finale Featuring Mark Carter and Alvin Toussaint Herring on Conjuring Community

Aired Sunday February 28
ABOVE ZERO Featuring Vanessa Lopez on the The Critical Path Creativity

Aired Monday March 22



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with Paulo Gregory

Monday March 22 at 9:00 Pacific [6:00 Eastern]

ABOVE ZERO Episode 6\6 Conjuring Community

Aired February 28th, 2021


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3:00 PM [Pacific Time] 12:00 Noon [Eastern Time]
Tuesday 3/23, Wednesday 3/24, Thursday 3/25


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