Cohado at the Design Science Studio Salon Dissolve and Bloom

Cohado Virtual Game Play

Cohado @ Design Science Salon Schedule

Cohado is delighted to support the Buckminster Design Science Studio Salon - Dissolve and Bloom. We have built a virtual version of Cohado as a project of the first cohort Design Science Studio. We will be hosting Cohado, the virtual game experience, playing training rounds throughout the salon to get to know the play space, and taste the experience of Cohado in our proof-of-concept, interactive, Miro version of Cohado.

Through this prototype experience, you will be helping us to refine and develop a Web and Mobile App version of the Cohado experience in 2021.

Paulo Gregory will also be performing Cohadic Songs in the Regenaissance Cabaret during the salon.  

Cohado Schedule and Links:

Cohado Open Play Sessions Just grab a few friends (2-5) from Topia and follow the instructions in the play space. Leave us a little feedback while you are there.

You will need to go to both of the links below

Game Space Link

Cohado Scheduled Game Time with the Inventor

We will be paying two rounds of Cohado, supported by Paulo Gregory, the inventor of the Cohado System.

Round 1: 12:00 PM (PST)
3:00 PM (EST)

Round 2: 2:30 PM (PST)
5:30 PM (EST)

You will need to go to both of the links below

Cohado Game Time Zoom Link


Paulo Gregory at the
Regenaissance Cabaret 

Cohadic Songs on Guitar. Will be broadcast throughtout Topia from

5:14 PM - 5:29 (EST)
8:14 PM - 8:29 PM (PST)

Use the link below to join the direct experience:

Zoom Link 

Paulo Gregory at World Cafe Live