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ABOVE ZERO with Paulo Gregory is a live webcast series that is committed to bringing the critical truth of where we are as a people, through radically diverse perspectives of artists, activists, authors, and alchemists of our future aimed at ushering in a world that works for ALL.

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Monday March 22 at 9:00 Pacific [6:00 Eastern]

ABOVE ZERO launched on Facebook Live for the 28 days of February inspired by Paulo's work in the Design Science Studio. ABOVE ZERO Examines creating a World That Works For All of US through the 28 lenses of Cohado.  

MARCH 22nd's broadcast, 0\3, will explore the Spirit of Creativity with Vanessa Lopez, an extraordinary creative, advocate for truth and equity, educator. Vanessa describes herself as:
Brave. Washington Heights. Sometimes artist. Always teacher. Latina. Angry af. Maryland Institute College of Art. 90s R&B. Mother. Bad and boujee. Dominican Republic. Published. Sexy. Rough around the edges. Connected. Tatted. Compassionate. Organic Intellectual. Four minute planker. Ride-or-die b*tch. Wounded Healer. Role Model. Value-added. Sometimes a rebel. Always a lady.

Vanessa will join Paulo Gregory for a journey into the Spirit of Creativity through exploring the essence of creativity as the collision of difference, and the radical expression of truth. 

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 Monday March 22 at 9:00 Pacific [6:00 Eastern]

Excerpts from The Cohado Oracle, the Way of the Bones


Zero represents the pure essence of the universe. The Zero is the creative force, the darkness, the unknowing, the Yin. As it is always in the root position it is the foundation of everything known, everything unknown, everything that has ever been, and everything that will be. It is the nothing and the everything, simultaneously. The zero is the universe – undifferentiated. Zero is the feminine principle of connectivity. Everything is Everything, from the smallest wave of light to a black hole. There is no difference. Zero is the place where everything begins and ends. It is pure spirit.

Cohado asks you to open to all possibilities – to yield to the reality that anything is possible, and to trust that the universe is holding you, the way that the stars are held in the heavens. When the Zero is present in a draw it asks for a leap of faith – faith that what is happening is in alignment with the will of the “everythingness”, and is unfolding in truth and beauty. Even if the moment seems difficult, the challenge needs to be embraced with joy and acceptance that this too is a necessary part of your evolution, and thus, the evolution of the universe. Zero asks that you trust your highest instincts, and connect to your most cherished values. It asks that you embrace your shadow, and allow the fear of the truth to fall away. It is through the darkness that the light emerges.


The three is the womb, the birthplace, the original opening. If the two is the line, the three opens the space where life, innovation, creativity, inspiration, and possibility begin. The three is the connective tissue that connects all things. It is the threads of the fabric of life. The three in the upper position harkens the new. It is the awakening, the emergence, and the blooming of the possibilities that before, were just dreams. It is literally, the beginning of life. The three, in the upper position, is the beginning, here on earth. It is imagination – revealed.


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