The Missing Peace ~ Cohado


As the days shorten heading into winter, Cohado brings you the opportunity to bring some light into the darkness, and share some with others. We are offering a Cohado tile to share as a gift or to carry yourself. We will select a unique pewter Cohado piece for you, that will be beautifully packaged with a call to bring peace and sustainability to our neighborhoods, communities and the world. This piece is perfect to carry wherever you go as a reminder that we are all connected. Holding the piece brings a feeling of comfort and connectivity. The piece will be packaged in a beautiful sustainable bamboo box and will contain a booklet revealing the principles of Cohado and the meaning of the piece. The investment in this piece will also support the developmment of the Cohado platform to teach the principles of collaboration sustainability to current and future generations. 

Each piece is valued at $200, but you can own, or share this unique gift for just $100. Once we have raised the funds (through reinvestment of your purchase) to produce the recycled plastic "People's Set", we will ship a free recycled plastic set to the person designated for shipping. 

20% of the proceeds will support the training and development of urban enterprise in economically challenged neighborhoods, thus bringing the missing pieces to help create a world that works for all of us.


Type: Collectable Game