Sixth Sense

It is helpful to see how Cohado is applied in everyday life, both the philosophy, and through technology and other applications. This page will highlight applications of the principles of Cohado to create assets and eliminate waste, and also through the core structure of the hexagon upon which the system is based.

Cohado Inspired ApiHappi

When Etosha was an undergrad student here in the US, the Cohado Incubator supported his passion for business, and for using business to support community. Etosha and Aperna have taken this ideal to the next step with his new product line of handwoven fabrics and a line of bags made from this homespun. Here is a great article on what they are doing in their homeland Sri Lanka.

Some Food for the Palate
It has always amazed me that those heavy wooden palates used for shipping end up in land fills.

This post
shows more than 30 ways to creatively reuse these objects to create assets out of potential waste. pallet-ideas-111

Cohado By Design
The two videos below show the evolution of technology that blends beauty with function through first Citroen’s electric wonder, and a functional design that uses the power and flexibility of the shape of the hexagon used to solve the problem of flats in tires.


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