The Response!

If Chess & Go are The Battles of The Bands, then Cohado is a Jazz/Orchestra/Cypher Synthesis. Most games of strategy are built on the societal notions of competition. This is built on the communal roots of collaboration, & that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Sho’dekeh, Master Beat Boxer

Cohado is an elegant game that gives people the experience of connection and cooperation. There are two guiding principles: to maximize assets in the community and to minimize waste. The pieces have an ancient, inevitable feel. I just played this game last night and am excited for the designer, Paulo Gregory, who is launching a Kickstart campaign soon to start producing sets and get it out there. Cohado is in the same league as the Asian game Go, or chess – simple pieces, infinite strategies and varieties, yet as easy to get started as dominoes. In addition to the cast pieces, they are developing an app and an online version. This is going to sweep the globe. Get in on it!

Julie Gabrielli, Architect

I was really amazed at how intriguing the game was. When I first heard you describe the game and describe how there really was no objective, I though it would be silly. There simply isn’t much of an incentive to do well in the game. However, once I started playing and seeing how rewarding it was to do well, I really did start to enjoy the game.
Zach Warres, Software Developer
It’s simple, fluid and feels alive!
I feel like i want to be a part of the movement after visiting the site, it will inspire others!

David Bardash, Mental Health Professional/Game Enthusiast

Cohado is a very powerful experience that could not come into this world at a better time.  Working with others to achieve a common goal is a desire we all have inside of us, but it seems to have been lost in everyday lives.  I’m very empowered by all Cohado has to offer, in terms of social enjoyment, but on a much deeper level, human interaction and what can happen when everyone collaborates together. It is something our youth can connect with also and it’s a teaching mechanism while also being a form of entertainment and joy!
I’m really excited to watch how Cohado grows!  Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Stephanie Bliss, Reiki and Yoga Practitioner

I like the idea behind Cohado. I am a poet. I appreciate positive life- and world-changing endeavors such as these.

Glori Morris, Poet

The whole thing was really cool. I really like the idea and the introduction behind and about the game. Since you have to work together to reach as many points as possible, you really have to work with the other players, which creates a community. I also noticed that you also build a community with the symbols – you have to try to put them close to each other, really nice idea. I wish you all the best for introducing Cohado to the world.
Fanny Kafka, Austrian Student