The Origins of Cohado


From Where Does Cohado Come? 

As myth would have it, each of the 7 symbols of Cohado were hidden - one on each of the Continents. The pieces were made in gold and placed there by an ancient force. The story tells us that at the time of the Great Turning, these gold crystals would find each other and help guide the way to the other side. These are the Missing Pieces - and we are at the precipice of The Great Turning.

Below is how the Cohado emerged.


Before there was anything, before creation/the big bang, there was nothingness, the Zero, and everything was everything – pure Spirit. And she was content – yet, she could not know herself, as there was noting else to perceive her – until the first thought trace emerged, shattering the nothingness of everything into the everything we now call the universe.The thought that rose in the emptiness was “what am I?”

This was the origin of the One – the “I”, or Eye – the viewpoint. But the One suffered the same challenge that the Zero experienced as contentment – he could not see himself. 

This gave rise to otherness, the Two – the lightness and dark, feminine and masculine, the inner and the outer, the yin and the yang, the binary.

Yet, wherever the two is present, there is also present that which arises from the union – the Three. It is the womb which gives rise to the creative, inspiration, intuition, the birthplace of all things. These first levels form the foundation of all that exists. But the Three cannot move – it needs a structure to dance upon.

This is the Four – less like the four walls of a room – more like the four chambers of our hearts that move the blood about our body, or the four seasons that move the resources of the earth around the planet, or the four axes of the solar system that move the planets about the sun. From this level we have all we need to create.

The Five is similar to our bodies, forming the five boundaries of our reach like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, or like the five fingers of our hand that allow us to manifest.

And like the spider’s web, the fabric that weaves the underlying structure of all that is, the Six is the wireframe of the universe – community, beginning with the elemental family that forms the connectivity of us all. If we weave our communities strong, like the nearsighted spider, we will feel where both the resources, and the need reside, and we will be able to move the resources to the need to create healing and wellness for the community.

This leads us to the Seven. The reflection of the nothingness of the Zero is the revelation of the Seven that all of everything is the ONENESS. As a prism refracts the spectral colors of white light into the rainbow, the prism of time and space reveals the infinite viewpoints of what we think of as reality – each calling back to the Zero, “This is what you are!” The Seven is Spirit revealed through the struggle and splendor of existence in relationship to one another. It is also the point of reflection that complets the cycle, leading us back to the beginning – yet from a new vantage point of understanding. And thus we begin – again…