Welcome to Cohado

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In every generation there are amongst us beacons of light who hold for the world a vision of oneness and unity of all peoples, and for the earth herself. The fact that you were led to this page affirms that you are one of these rare individuals.

We have arrived at an unprecedented moment in human history in which it is for the first time possible to actually bring this vision into being, within our families, our communities, our places of work and worship, our regions, our nations and across all of the continents. Cohado means things coming together. As one of those who “get it”, that we are all connected and responsible for each other’s wellbeing, we have a responsibility to utilize our resources, our connections, our energy, our voices and our power to usher in this age of relationship, understanding and connectedness. Of course, we cannot do this alone. We need support, we need a likeminded community, and we need tools to aid us in this global relief effort. Cohado was given for this purpose.

Cohado is a simple game, but even more than that, it is a powerful idea – it has only two guiding principles: Maximize assets for the community, and minimize waste. Applied to the game, all players win. Applied to any situation, task, or challenge, these guiding principles will result in moving us towards the vision that is Cohado.

This message carries with it an invitation. To join with other beacons to give rise to this powerful idea, and to support spreading this idea across the globe. We invite you to respond to this invitation by joining us to initiate a series of events and activities that will introduce you to the growing Cohado community, to be inspired by stories from other beacons of light, to be welcomed to the world of Cohado, the game, which is the tool for practice and proliferation of this idea, and to share your light with others.

To accept this invitation, visit Help Bring Cohado to Life!

Thank You, and Cohado!

Paulo Gregory

Cohado Inventor


One thought on “Welcome to Cohado

  1. Your mind is an expansive think tank; and the raw talent you have displayed here in inventing this simplistic game called Cohado which centers around, “things coming together” reflects your dedication and commitment to bringing together a unified community that reflects its people, places and things that will eventually change the world as we know it for the better and greater good…I pray much success and increase upon this extraordinary game and concept. Good job!!
    Peace and blessings,

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