Handmade, First Edition Cohado Set


We have just completed the first run of the Cohado First Edition sets. This stunning, lead-free pewter set was designed by the inventor, Paulo Gregory, and completely hand produced and individually finished by LaContessa Jewelry in Baltimore to ensure consistency and the highest quality. The first limited edition Cohado sets will be signed and numbered, and will contain a certificate of authenticity, signed by the inventor. The jeweler estimated the value of each of the 28 pieces included in the set at $200, valuing the set at $5,600 based upon the material's weight, purity and quality of production.

Triple Bottom Line Investment

These collector sets are an investment for those who purchase or receive these as a gift, they are an investment in spreading the ideals of Cohado to create a sustainable future for the generations to come, and they are an investment in the local community. 20% of each set will be invested in the development of the Cohado Incubator that will provide free training and support local entrepreneurs from economically devastated neighborhoods to spawn and grow businesses.

Your purchase of this Cohado set will also be reinvested to support production of recycled plastic "People's Sets" which will be affordable for individuals in low-income communities, schools, recreation centers, prisons and other socially serving efforts to support a shift in thinking towards cooperative economics and sustainable practices. Make this investment for the whole community - today!